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Jumpy is a pixel-style, tactical 2D shooter with a fishy theme.

This is the project’s internal developer API and architecture documentation. We want these docs to be the go-to place for understanding how Jumpy works, so you’ll find much more than the comments on various types and functions.

🚧 Under Construction

Jumpy is still under heavy development and the docs as well as the code will be changing and incomplete. If you want to help out, feel free to fill in some missing docs or clarify something we didn’t explain very well. We’re glad to answer any questions you might have along the way!


Throughout the docs there are diagrams to explain certain topics. These may contain clickable links, highlighted in blue, that will bring you to the relevant module or struct. We also use a convention to indicate what kind of code object it links to, based on the shape of the box.

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  ex("Example Link ( Note )"):::dotted -.-> sm(GameMeta):::code
  click sm call docLink(jumpy/struct.GameMeta.html)

  crate:::code --> module([module]):::code --> struct(struct):::code --> concept>Concept]

You can pan the diagram by clicking and dragging or zoom by holding ctrl and scrolling.

Overall Architecture

Jumpy has just finished a migration to the new bones_framework and some of the docs might not be up-to-date yet.

The good news is that everything is simpler now! All of jumpy has been moved to one crate with many of it’s more foundational features being moved into bones_framework. Additionally, Jumpy no longer uses Bevy or the Bevy ECS directly. The game is fully built on Bones with Bevy being used in the background, but only for rendering.

An explanation post and more up-to-date docs are comming soon!



  • Macro to “derive” ( not really a derive macro ) SystemParam for a struct.